Systematic faking

Hassan Madbooly

2021 / 2 / 24

There are painful narratives and endings of great historical figures that are being published as truths for granted, despite their illogical nature, and despite their clear and sinister goals?
For example, the published and popular end of the Egyptian participation in the incantation of the martyr Mustafa Al-Bashtili, the leader of the second Cairo revolution against the French, is a false colonial end intended, and often its first source is the references and the occupier s sanctuary, with the aim of exporting despair to the souls of the public, patriots and revolutionaries. They told him about the martyr Muhammad Karim, the governor of Alexandria, who led a revolution against them. ? Although the goal is clear, of course, in both cases, which is to export the idea that people are villainous and do not deserve the sacrifice, and alienate any Egyptian patriot who is sincere from standing up to any enemy´-or-corrupt, then some repeat these fabrications without reflection´-or-scrutiny? How can the Egyptians put Hajj Mustafa Al-Bashtili on a donkey upside down and participate in its cultivation? And in the interest of those who betray their hero and the hero of their city, Bulaq, which was all destroyed, and its people were either killed´-or-captured by the oppressive colonist?
It is logical and historically proven that there are traitors among the apostates nationally, who sold their country to the enemy, and were recruited to fight in its ranks, and in most cases the punishment for sedition - if it was done - would have been done by force by these --dir--ty traitors and obeying the orders of their masters, but it was never done by hand Honorable Egyptians without coercion ,,
As for the story of the heroic martyr Muhammad Karim begging for a ransom without a response from the Egyptians, it is also a story that no mind can believe, for the Egyptians, over their long history, have known only about solidarity and sympathy with the oppressed, and if they cannot support them --dir--ectly, they offer a helping hand in any in--dir--ect means such as donations and others. Perhaps what happened with Saad Zaghloul from collecting agencies, as well as collecting financial donations to support Mustafa Kamel, and even the Egyptians donated to return the body of the martyr Muhammad Farid, who died abroad and the government refused to return it to the homeland, as well as the positions of solidarity with those who were stigmatized by the official authorities with terrorism, such as Ghazal Al-Barr fought Boutros Ghali Qadi Dinshaway,´-or-the widespread sympathy with Adham Al-Sharqawi’s biography popularly denies all the heresies that target the degradation of the martyr Muhammad Karim, and even among all Egyptians, and such frustrated pills were also repeated with Suleiman al-Halabi, who assassinated the French ruler and was arrested Then they rumored that he guided all the Egyptians who helped him and provided him with assistance from the Al-Azhar men?
The operations of distorting the life of the heroes were not-limit-ed to the French colonialism, but also by the English colonialist with the hero Ahmed Orabi, who despite all his heroics, positions and sacrifices, he and his comrades, however, the occupation and palace sources published statements on his tongue after his return from exile, indicating his remorse and sadness for what he had done. Who is (disobedience) and also welcomed the occupation, which will contribute to the spread of civilization in Egypt, as those sayings claim?
, Although no one bothered to think about the credibility of the official publications that echoed these fabrications made by Ahmed Orabi, while no one of his contemporaries claimed that he personally heard Ahmed Orabi repeat that? He also did not document these sayings, any Western orientalist´-or-fellow struggle to Arabi, but all are taken as truths for granted, according to some official newspapers?
The distortion also reached the biography of the artist Khaled Al-Dhikr Sayed Darwish, that genius who did not use singing and art as a means of making money, collecting millions and getting close to the Sultan as did Muhammad Abdul Wahhab, Umm Kulthum and others, but he adapted his music to infuse the national spirit of resistance that calls for a revolution against the occupier and his collaborators alike. With his wonderful songs,´-or-his musical works that inflamed the back of the occupiers and their collaborators, and therefore when he died suddenly, may God have mercy on him, they rumored about him that he died due to an overdose of drugs? And many followed these nonsense and repeat it until now? While the logical and most important thing was to ask about the secret of his sudden death, along with the leader Mustafa Kamel, who were two of the most vocal opponents of the brutal occupier? And in my opinion it is possible that they were poisoned by the occupation´-or-by the hands of local collaborators close to it and working in its favor, which is the closest possibility that is commensurate with the --dir--ty means used to get rid of the opponents?
In the modern era, the US occupation of Iraq has repeated the same farce to distort the image of the resistance and offend the nature of the Iraqi people themselves. They photographed some Iraqis demolishing the statue of Saddam Hussein, welcoming the occupier’s soldiers and welcoming them by spreading flowers on the streets? Then again, by publishing pictures of some Iraqis raping detainees and female detainees who were supporters of the Iraqi resistance in Abu Ghraib prison and other prisons of the occupation? And once by publishing a picture of Saddam while he was emerging from a pit with a miserable look
The distortion and export of lies and false events that have suspicious goals against patriots and militants are grant-making actions intended either to spread frustration´-or-demonize these heroes, and it is a continuous and uninterrupted matter that has become accustomed to the Western media machine´-or-those loyal to it locally, and even those who could not that machine Distorting them´-or-destroying them, as they are branded with terrorism and criminality, as Suleiman al-Halabi, Adham al-Sharqawi, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Rantisi, and the resistance fighter Abdullah George, who has been in France s prisons since 1986 until this moment, has been accused of terrorism because he joined the resistance against the Israeli occupation of Lebanon?
Centre of Laic Studies and Research in the Arab World