The dictatorship of Facebook’s management and administrators, and the failure of Arab and Islamic governments to create content that competes with these sites.

Raed Al-jhafi

2021 / 2 / 12

The new dictatorship takes various forms and methods, perhaps the most important of which is electronic despotism and monopolizing freedom of thought by restricting expression and expression of opinion and other opinion through electronic publishing ..
Perhaps the social networking site (Facebook) has become the most prominent violator of the freedom of opinion and thought, as its management has recently become practicing the ugliest types of online dictatorship and tyranny in the right of users of this social electronic content by narrowing the publication and placing many restrictions on the publishing process, expressing freedom of opinion, and taking punishment By restricting accounts for trivial reasons and just for a comment´-or-a word that the Facebook administration claims violates publishing standards, but most of the measures and restrictions are taken for everyone who deals with criticism of the policy of major countries such as the United States of America, in addition to publishing the crimes of the Zionists against the Palestinians, which the Facebook administration considers a violation and the publisher is subject to the ban. .
This is while the Zionists and Americans publish false, fake and dubbed videos and contents that offend Arabs and Muslims freely and without the slightest objection.
This dictatorship and electronic tyranny practiced by Facebook policy generated and greatly strengthened the concepts of hate, and showed the extent of the lack of independence of this great electronic content and the extent of false awareness and the lie of democracy and human rights among Americans and Zionists.
Our problem, Arabs and Muslims, lies in the inability of our governments and our systems to create a platform that is distinguished on Facebook and other social media sites subject to Western policy, despite the presence of large Arab minds that can excel in such a field if there is support and support from Arab´-or-non-Muslim governments.

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