QUSAY TARIQ Volunteer at the Foundation for Human Rights NEW NEIGHBOR RELIEF

Qusiy PapaLoues
2017 / 7 / 6

QUSAY TARIQ Volunteer at the Foundation for Human Rights NEW NEIGHBOR RELIEF
The arts have a unique power to bring people together and to promote change and Amnesty International harnesses the power and creativity of art to advance human rights. The first talent in Iraq the artist QUSAY TARIQ , He works with the Foundation for Human Rights NEW NEIGHBOR RELIEF ,it was founded in 2016 to give relief to ALL refugees in the San Diego area ,This institution belongs to the human rights activist Mr. DANIEL COLLIINS, This is an unprecedented step for local humanitarian institutions , Activating a great artist in the field of human rights , The artist seems interested in the case to teach immigrants People, It is worth mentioning Reports show that thousands of refugees are resettled in the United States of America every year and California is second among states in receiving the largest number of refugees of which the majority in San Diego. .
Qusay says he sees a great future for this institution globally, And serve the new community to achieve development and serve itself and the other . Artists have always been a special part of our work. They are the visionaries, the storytellers, the ones willing to shine a light on injustice using art and using the power of their platforms. Artists raise awareness about important human rights issues, bring new activists to our movement, inspire people whose human rights have been violated, and galvanize our supporters.

About the Foundation NNR
Since 2016, New Neighbor Relief - NNR has been assisting refugees in San Diego, California to help them start their new life in America through different activities relating to education, employment, social and economic, transportation, etc.
Our Mission
To lovingly assist and mentor refugees and asylum seekers with economic, social, and educational needs so they become self-reliant and able to contribute to the development of their families and communities.
Our Vision
To become the most reliable organization helping refugees and asylum seekers become contributors and assets in their new society.
• Mentors were assigned a refugee family each to help them learn different things they did not know about before coming to this country.
• Refugee children were enrolled in different schools last year.
• Adult refugees were referred to English language centers for enrollment.
• English teachers are moving into families to support them with additional English skills in a program called daily dose.
• Some refugee heads of families were given non professional jobs.
• Bicycles, helmets, locks and some spare parts were distributed to refugee children and adults to help for their mobility.
• Refugee families get-together events were organized to help refugee parents and children meet, chat, play games, eat, reduce stress and learn some cultural orientation skills.
• A good quantity of clothing was donated, collected and distributed to refugee families in need.
• Many household items (plates, saucepans, rice cookers, microwaves, irons, blenders, glasses/cups …) donated by local supporters, friends and families were given to needy refugees.
• A good number of furniture was transported and distributed.
• Rides were given to and from different appointments to resettlement agencies, welfare offices, schools, medical appointments, grocery shops, etc. thanks to the family who donated a van to NNR for this purpose.
• Emergency food was distributed to families whose CalFresh΄-or-FoodStamps delayed to come through.
• Refugee students receive help in access to law cost internet connection to help them carry out their research, homework and other educational support on the internet.
• Home teaching for English lessons are conducted in refugee families to strengthen the ESL training and help them acquire quick English language skills allowing them to get jobs.
• Adult refugee girls and women are receiving women’s hygiene items to help them keep cleanliness and manage situations in their menstruation periods.
• A Swahili-English handbook is being prepared to help Swahili speaking refugees who are learning the ESL to acquire English language skills in a length of time that is not too long.
• Bunches of clothes, shoes, blankets are regularly being distributed to clients from NNR warehouse established for this purpose.
• Bunk beds with mattresses, pillows, pillowcases, and bedding were distributed to refugee families as pilot project in partnership with in Heavenly Peace.
• Tens of gift cards donated by supporters, friends and families were distributed to refugee families to help them buy personal items such as toiletries, soaps, pumpers…
• Refugee families receive support in applying for law income billing from SDG&E for their electricity and water bills.
• Emergency and temporary cash was given to refugee families whose CashAid delayed to come through to help them pay utility bills.
• Education
In education we help refugees with:
1. English language acquisition
2. Enrolling refugee children in schools
3. Conduct follow-ups to find out how refugee children are assimilating into the new education system in America.
4. Etc.
• Socio-economic
It is very important for New Neighbor Relief to make sure that refugees in San Diego have access to:
- Monthly get-together activities where all refugees adults and children meet and share their cultural experiences with their American friends in order to learn more about "life in America" and "American life"
- The Cash Aid refugees receive from the Welfare services is never enough to cover their monthly expenses-;- New Neighbor Relief helps them with additional money to pay their remainder bills such as electricity, water, sewage and trash. In some cases where there has been proven that the refugee family has got a serious problem paying for their rent, NNR provides temporary help.
• Employment
Employment is the gateway to self-sufficiency that New Neighbor Relief is looking forward to make a reality for refugees in San Diego. We meet company owners and ask them to employ refugees so that they can become self-reliant and be able to support their families.
• Transportation
Upon their arrival in the United States of America (USA), refugees will receive transportation support from New Neighbor Relief in the following ways:
- Receiving guidance on how and where to board a bus
- Receive bicycles to help moving in the neighborhood
- Get rides to and from their medical appointment, to the DMV office for their California IDs, to the Welfare services and to their churches depending on everyone s faith
- And once refugees have got employment, New Neighbor Relief helps them with driving lessons, apply for driver s permits and licences and finally help them get cars in order for them to be able to go to work regularly and keep their jobs as long as possible.


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