On the Terrorist Attack at Manchester Arena

Muayad Ahmed
2017 / 5 / 25

On the Terrorist Attack at Manchester Arena

Savage suicide terrorist attack once again kills innocent citizens of Britain. Last night s suicide attack at Manchester Arena in the city of Manchester/UK killed 22 and wounded 59, among them many children. The suicide attacker, using explosives, targeted children, their parents and many others who were there at the end of a music concert attended mostly by children and teen agers.

I strongly condemn this massacre, this barbaric terrorist crime .My heart goes out to all the victims of this awful crime, and to parents and all who have lost their loved ones in this tragedy.
It is not only the people of the UK but the citizens of the whole world that face the danger of terrorism of Political Islam-;- terrorism of ISIS, al Qaeda and the rest .The individual suicide attackers are either acting under their -dir-ect supervision´-or-inspired by their acts of terror.
Humanity faces the challenge of ending today s terrorism and uprooting its causes. No one can avoid this urgent task as it has become the task of all who believe in peace, security and prosperity for the citizens of the world.
Political-Islam terrorists couldn t have the role they play now in the Middle East and the Arab World if they were, in the first place, denied support by the imperialist superpowers and their allied regional powers such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the super rich-;- Qatar. The masses in the UK and in the West have every right to ask their governments to stop supporting political Islam regimes and their terror groups and stop intervening in the Middle East.
The racist and reactionary populist parties and groups, in the West, have nothing to offer, in this standoff against the terrorists, other than more nationalistic and racial hatred and more complication of the problem that the citizens of the West face.
Terrorism can only be defeated with the united will of conscious people who are looking forward to bringing about prosperity, freedom and equality for all without any discrimination based on race, colour, religion, gender, nationality, beliefs, and sexual orientations ... etc.
Down with terrorism.
Muayad Ahmed
Secretary of the Central Committee of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq
23 /05/2017

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